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The Leaving Season

An Interview with Kelly McMasters

Today it was my pleasure to talk with Kelly McMasters, an essayist, professor of creative writing, mother, and friend. Kelly is also a Norton author, and we met through our mutual friend, the brilliant

of Write More, Be Less Careful. Kelly’s memoir The Leaving Season just debuted in paperback. I read it last summer in hardback, and have been dying to talk at length with her about it ever since, which we finally made time to do, today.

I hope you enjoy our conversation; I also hope you enjoy the fact that, in one of those beautiful confluences that so often happen to me with other writers I love, her paperback arrived in the mail just as I was typing this little missive, and the copy of Loving Sylvia Plath: A Reclamation, that I sent her Friday morning, showed up on her doorstep.

Loving Sylvia Plath
Loving Sylvia Plath
Emily Van Duyne
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